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What's SPB?

SPB - "Super Prime Beef" - is a company which raises and sells its own brand of beef - "Washugyu" - in the US.
Washugyu is a beef resulting from crossbreeding Japanese Tajima beef with American Black Angus beef. We feed them grain based diet the same as in Japan so the texture of meat is similar to the finest Japanese beef. We offer this exceptional beef for fine dining restaurants, including well known restaurants such as "Nobu" and "Megu".
We are delighted to bring people this exciting new product.

Farm Address (Feedlot):
73375 Lindsay Feedlot Lane Lexington, OR. 97839

Los Angeles Office:
20543 S. Vermont Ave Suite 7 Torrance, CA. 90502
Tel: (541)314-3744
Fax: (310)715-6548