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Meat-Packing Operations
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Meat-Packing Operations

We want to provide secure and safe meat, so we obtain meat from farmers and suppliers we meet with "face to face."
Through strictly checked processing steps, we deliver products not only for our restaurants but also for other various locations.

We obtain carefully selected ingredients from contract or designated farmers we work with personally.

We process the ingredients in our own well-managed factory.

Shops and restaurants
We deliver to not only our restaurants but also to various other sites, as required. We support making " safe" restaurants where authentic connections are made from producer to consumer.

Sales and Marketing Division

Based on an advanced purchase structure, we complete production, product development, processing and delivery all in-house.
We satisfy customer's needs for leading food manufacturers, including stock supply, processed product distribution to restaurants, and packaged products for the professional use supermarkets.

Meat Packing Factory Direct Sales

We sell fresh meat and vegetables for both the wholesale and direct retail markets.


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5-18-6 Matsushima Higashi-ku Fukuoka-city
Tel: 092-611-8776
Monday to Saturday 9:30~19:00



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Jyoshu Pork Tokoton
Haruna, Gunma, famous for its plums, we are trying to produce the very best pork.
We feed them carefully selected plums and good tasting water.
The secret to delicious "Tokoton" pork is taking great care of them in natural surroundings, and feeding them a wholesome, natural diet. We use special blends of citric acid, the essence of the Japanese plum, in their care and feeding. This has an antiseptic, deodorizing and health giving effect in raising them.

The Secret to Deliciousness
1. It has fine texture and the color of the pork is a natural, bright cherry-red.
2. It is full of flavor, without the 'gamey' scent that sometimes characterizes lower quality pork.
3. It has a slightly sweet aromatic flavor, and is extremely tender.
4. Excellent ability to retain freshness, of both the fat and the lean meat, with no discoloration.
5. We butcher the meat at our own factory where cleanliness and hygiene standards are the highest priority, ensuring freshness and safety.

Message from Our Producers

Our wish is to serve safe and delicious meat for people. We have raised it carefully in all aspects. We are proud of the quality and hope you enjoy it.


<Tago, Producer Representative>