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Food Machinery Operations
We sell food processing machinery and plant equipment in Japan and overseas.
We will continue to develop our products to help your freshness control. Freezer Equipment

apid freezer/ immersion rapid freezer rapid freezer ensures freshness

Everyone wishes to have fresh food, but even in favorable environments, it's not always easy. So we've developed this rapid freezer that ensures freshness via a rapid freezing process.
This rapid freezer freezes foods at -45°C (-60F) by saturating food in frozen liquid. We have an excellent record using this machine with many varieties of livestock and marine products. It's an ideal system to keep food stay fresh.


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  1. From meat or fish to processed food,
it can fit any packaging requirement.
5. It is designed with energy and space saving considerations in mind, minimizing cost.
  2. Because the freezing time is so short, you can freeze and unfreeze without losing taste and color. 6. We use a average temperature freezing technology to prevent cracking and deformation of food.
  3. We use a freezing method using salt water as it is best suited to preserving food quality.
7. You can use this machine for pre-freezing or tempering.
  4. It's easy to handle, and easy to add to existing equipment.


Meat slicer/ keep freshness by beautiful slicing

We have a high quality commercial meat slicer for work of various sizes. It's versatile enough to use everywhere from slaughterhouse to restaurant. Also equipped with a meat chopper, meat slicer (for frozen meat), vacuum packaging machine, and band saw.


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1. Using inverter technology, it's safe to operate and quiet.

4. You can control the speed at will.
  2. Wearing the safeguard, you can work free from anxiety.
5. It has 2 shafts for high definition slicing.
  3. It's easy to clean, so you can keep it sanitary.
6. Anti- scrap meat/offal device can boost yield ratio.