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Food-Processing Operations
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Food-Processing Operations

We are trying to meet the diversified needs of our customers. We offer first-stage processed products which are butchered only, and second-stage processed products which are heat treated. ATM is committed to high quality and has a wide range of products from meat to seafood. Additionally, we can provide from small lot size to the maximum lot size.

Meat-Processing < 1st processing >

We cut meat for restaurants, or professional use supermarkets. Depending on the kind of a meat or part of a meat, we use the latest technology in our processes.
We can customize orders to meet your various requests.

Beef, Pork, Chicken

Food-Processing <2nd processing>

From production to processing, we have worked on product creation that adheres to the highest standards of quality. We use safe selected ingredients to make healthy, delicious tasting food including ham and sausages, sweets, bread, and ice cream.
We complete the entire process, from production to delivery, in-house in order to respond quickly to customer needs.

Butchering ・Meat Products ・ Daily Dishes ・ Sweets・Ice Cream

Seafood Processing

We process carefully chosen fish for professional standard dishes of excellent taste. We are processing products on the theme of freshness in an original way. From professional use to family use, we can offer various products.

<Professional Use Products>
∗Smoked Products
smoked salmon, sliced smoked salmon, smoked seafood, smoked meat
∗Boiled fish
various kind of boiled fish cook suitable for microwave preparation

Hygiene Control

To produce high quality products, it is essential for us to choose ingredients carefully and to strictly monitor every step of processing.
To provide safe, fresh, good tasting products, we've set up an in-house hygiene control room in order to ensure compliance with our own strict standards.

Plant Equipment

[Plant 1]
- rapid freezer
- tunnel freezer
- chop cutter
- freezing slicer
- band saw
- cutting surface machine
- food mixer
- mincing machine
- vacuum packaging machine
- metallic detection machine

[Plant 2]
- chop cutter
- freezing slicer
- raw slicer
- band saw
- large size mincing machine
- deep drawing vacuum packaging machine
- metallic detection machine
- X-ray foreign material detection machine

[Plant 3]
- bread machine
- Hoiro (tea drier)
- soy milking machine
- automatic fryer
- steam stove
- steam convection oven
- blast chiller
- hot-smoked house
- metallic detection machine
-rapid freezer (small size)

[Plant 4]
- cold-smoked house
- band saw
- fish slicer
- metallic detection machine