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To provide superior quality with improved freshness.
Meat-Packing Operations

We arrange our own purchasing, production, processing and delivery of meat.
We offer services tailored to our customers' individual needs.

Food-Processing Operations

Using selected ingredients, we strictly inspect our food at each stage of processing to ensure high quality products.

Food Machinery Operations

We sell food machinery in Japan and overseas.
We are developing our own products to help to preserve freshness.

Restaurant Operations

We serve seasonal and local foods in order to promote local production for local consumption.
Our restaurants are located in Fukuoka, Tokyo and overseas.


This is SPB Super Prime Beef - Japanese Tajima beef crossbred with American Angus beef.

Tokoton Farm

Tokoton farm is our own farm that we use to supply our restaurants.
We serve fresh vegetables that come directly from our own land. We embody the concept of "local production for local consumption."